The Therapy of the Natural World

For centuries, mankind has turned to nature to heal from mental and physical hardships. We are all aware that remedies for physical diseases are found in nature, but as for mental, emotional and psychological healing, the help that nature supplies is much more mysterious. Some call it biological evolution, some call it divine purpose and some call it incidental, but whatever the reason, it is certain that experiencing nature does people a lot of good. The sensory experience of nature stirs feelings within us that no other experience can provide, and puts us in connection with the elemental things we require in order to feel a sense of oneness.

The beauty of nature is one of the obvious reasons it serves as therapy for us. Merely taking in the breathtaking scenery, aesthetics and landscape are enormously good for the soul. Many people choose to do this by taking up some form of outdoor recreation or hobby, either physical or artistic. Nature was home to people long before the invention of track homes and apartment buildings, and the priviledge of interacting with this natural setting is one of the ways mankind has come to feel whole.

Nature has an abundance of clean air and water, and the absence of toxicity is particularly appealing to our senses and our psyches. Clean, natural elements are what we long to be around because they ensure our health and a high quality of life. The way these pure elements make us feel is largely therapeutic and good for people to immerse themselves in.

And lastly, the presence of wide open spaces is very good for people to take in. With wide open space comes silence, solitude and privacy; all things that people need to a certain degree, and all things that are associated with centering one’s self. With more space surrounding you, you are free to open up your mind, body and heart to express yourself.

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