Nature Therapy

Antidepressants, rehab and self-help books play an important part in recovering from addiction, but before those things existed, there was another way of finding therapy for addiction: nature. Spending time in the natural world is the oldest and most effective way of remedying addiction and mental disorders. By harnessing the therapeutic elements of nature, in a spiritual, psychological and chemical sense, one can find their center and repair parts of themselves that were lost.

Addiction and mental disorders are devastating illnesses. When untreated, they can greatly reduce a person’s health and quality of life. There is a variety of treatments a person can choose from, ranging from counseling to inpatient rehabilitation to self-help literature. However, none have proven as effective as natural remedies, in particular, surrounding one’s self by nature in meditation until priorities are correctly realigned.

There are a number of ways a person can use nature to heal brokenness. Simply retreating into a wilderness area to take in the stillness, meditate and lower stress is enormously beneficial. Some people prefer more of a physical challenge, such as mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and the likes in order to recenter themselves. Camping for a week will realign a person’s sleep schedule if it has been thrown off. Using the natural world as food and medicine is also an effective way of healing addiction and mental disorders. By making use of the remedies, vitamins and nutrients in nature, one can fight disease, mental illness, negative emotions and addictive behaviors.

The modern world can be mentally and emotionally taxing, and there are many forms of therapy and treatment one can seek. We become more and more away everyday of how beneficial it is to be in tune with the natural world, and being in recovery from addiction and mental disorder is no exception. Nature has the ability to detoxify the body, mind and soul to restore a person to their original health. If someone is physically dependent on a substance, they require a medically supervised detox, like that at an Alberta alcohol detoxification center, but for more mild instances of substance use, turn to the healing, holistic elements of nature.

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