Hardships of Addiction

One of the many negative experiences in life that people turn to nature for help with is addiction. We know so much more about addiction than we used to; that addiction is a real disease, that it has a lot to do with brain chemistry and that addicts need devoted support in order to recover. Addiction is a difficult, painful condition in a number of ways.

People who struggle with addiction describe it as feeling trapped, and feeling forced to serve their addiction. Addiction is a prison of the mind in which one is convinced they cannot survive without a particular substance or practice. Addicts describe this as exhausting, and that they would give anything to live free from their addiction.

Feelings of hopelessness are another common symptom of addiction. Some addicts truly believe that they will never be free of their addiction, many to the point of even predicting that their addiction will be the cause of their death. This kind of addict feels beaten by their addiction, and has given in to the heavy depression that accompanies their defeat.

Stigmas are a serious problem for addicts. Being stigmatized by friends, family, acquaintences or society at large is a very damaging feeling for an addict. Instead of the support that an addict needs in order to heal, they are often met by harsh opinions and judgments in the people they turn to, causing them to lose hope for a better life.

Feelings of abandonment frequently set in for addicts as well. It is all too common for an addict’s friends or family to disassociate from them, claiming that they are not really sick but rather just have flawed character. This is a real tragedy of addiction and a very misguided approach to it. There is nothing an addict needs more than their support system to help them overcome their condition and start fresh.

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