Nature’s Elements

Oftentimes, we begin to notice that as the weather warms up we experience a change in mood. We may sit outside, and soak up the sun, and in response we begin to feel our spirits being lifted just by being in the midst of the sun’s rays. The fresh air fills our lungs, and as we listen to a nearby waterfall, or several birds chirping in the distance, we find ourselves at peace. What may once have started as a bad day, suddenly turns merry.

This same feeling can apply to various forms of therapy, for those who are faced with addiction. For, some addicts may find themselves walking down a destructive path which can result in a number of consequences, such as; loss of finance, loss of job, loss of relationships, loss of self, and so much more. Yet even so, the one thing that they have the inability to lose is their sense of nature.

First and foremost, nature helps with a wide range of things, especially with those who are struggling with addiction, no matter whether it be alcohol abuse, drug abuse, etc. In turn, as one begins to receive the treatment he/she needs in relation to such, he/she may find himself/herself getting closer to the natural elements within the world that surrounds him/her. And as a result, his/her body begins to thank him, as he finds a fix through subjecting himself/herself to the outdoors, rather than being a subject to substance.

Not only that, but one may then regain his/her sense of adventure, and experience a natural high due to the endorphins that are released via a number of outdoor activities. It is then that they can not only gain their life back through recovery, and/or remaining drug or alcohol free, but they can then begin to find a new sense of purpose, and enjoy themselves in the process.

In conclusion, one should never allow themselves to feel isolated because of their addiction, and/or remain entrapped by such. For, they can seek the help and treatment they need, even if that means starting out small, and speaking to someone close to them, whom they trust, before speaking directly to a health professional and/or expert. They can then embark on their journey towards recovery, and allow nature to be a part of their daily, and/or everyday lives, improving their health not only mentally/emotionally, but physically as well, while overcoming addiction.

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